Ocean City Vacation: Day 1

I have not been on vacation or anything of the sort in about 6 years. Since 2010, I have not set foot on sand or a beach because of my knee surgeries. For some reason, I decided to book a last minute beach trip for the week to Ocean City, NJ. Thankfully, my manager and co-workers helped  make this happen and filled in all of my slots. Did I mention I love my job? Only a few times, I’m sure. Winking smile

As soon as I got down to the city, there was a miscommunication with my room so I ended up driving up to the Longport Beach (aka The Dog Beach) of Ocean City. This is was Elmo’s first time on sand and in the ocean.

He was nervous at first; considering just being around dogs makes him nervous, but after we got in the water he was SO happy. Seriously, I’m such a sap with Elmo. It makes me happy to see him experience everything and just be a dog.  I could have cried at the proud mommy moment where he just followed me right into the water.

Once we were all settled into our apartment, we just relaxed because it was raining outside. I grabbed some sushi and seaweed salad from Acme because I knew I wasn’t going to walk to go grab something to eat. Surprisingly, the sushi was really, really good.

I was a little upset due to my knee acting up recently. The medications I was taking seemed to keep my anxiety levels in check, so my knee wasn’t responding to my stress. Recently, they’ve been changed and I feel like I’ve taken a few steps back. It’s a scary feeling and it’s hard because I want to enjoy this vacation to the fullest.

Before I decided to watch Me, Early, and the Dying Girl, I headed to Hobby Horse Ice Cream parlor for a sprinkle cone with peanut butter pie ice cream. Uhm, yeah. It was delicious and silky. It really did taste like pie filling but with graham cracker crust swirls? I don’t know, but I do not that shit was good. Haha.

After the movie (which was decent), I knocked myself out for the night.

Now, for day 2!

xo Laur & Elmo

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2 thoughts on “Ocean City Vacation: Day 1

  1. Hooray for a beach vacation- after so many vacation-less years, you totally deserve it. I’m glad you and Elmo had a good time. I’ve read that book (Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl) but haven’t seen the movie; the book was great though.

  2. Yey!!! This is just the start!
    Enjoy your holiday be a tourist
    So cool you have gone on holiday after such a long time.
    I have not been on holiday since 2004 so this is inspiring me to try and give myself the chance.
    Thank s

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