well, hello there.

I really want to start a blog. It’s something I have wanted to do for a very, very long time. I find myself stuck on where to start. I read so many blog posts about how to start a blog, how to stay true to yourself, etc. etc… But when it comes down to getting to work, I just freeze. It’s almost like my brain shuts off from all of the questions and worries going through my head. I love to bake. I love my dog. I love running. I like driving around and taking pictures. So what do I blog about?

Here’s another thing. I bought an expensive camera over 6 months ago. I took one picture so far. I get home from work and just feel like I do not have any idea where to start… So, I just never start. It’s ridiculous. I bought a camera I have wanted for YEARS. I bought Adobe Lightroom.

And I used my camera once. I yi yi.

Laur Dog face

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2 thoughts on “well, hello there.

  1. I was so happy to see this post, Laur! I hope you do get back into blogging! I miss reading your posts about your running, love of coffee, and baking adventures, and I also miss all the sweet pictures of Elmo!

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